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laser printer repair and laser printer service in Minnesota

At IOT we’ve been providing high quality refurbished Canon copiers to our customers for years.  We've been in business since 1995, and we support most major brands from Apple to Xerox – including Canon, HP, Lexmark and everything in between! Whether you need to purchase a new copier and add a service agreement, or if you need to get a service contract on your existing copier – we are here to serve you!

We can customize any Service Contract, Maintenance Agreement, or Cost-Per-Page plan to fit your exact needs!

Service Contracts

Our team of experts can craft you the perfect custom service contract for your office copier needs.

Maintenance Agreement

We provide annual, quarterly, and monthly maintenance agreements to fit any budget and management format.

Priority Service

All contract and agreement copier service is executed with priority service, ensuring a fast and accurate repair.


If you prefer a cost-per-page format for your service we can facilitate your exacting needs.

Choose your need below, or give us a call at 612.254.6700

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