Ink and Toner

When you choose PeakToner, you never pay for copier repairs again. That’s because PeakToner comes with a built in warranty to protect your laser copier. Everything you need is included, from tech support and onsite repair, to parts, labor, and preventative maintenance. It really is that easy, and we’ve been doing it as local toner cartridge supplier here in the Twin Cities since 1995.

Is PeakToner Right for My Office?

  • Your business must have 5+ laser copiers.  This can be in one single location, or spread out over multiple locations.
  • PeakToner is available for HP laser copiers. There are other brands that we support too, just ask us and we can check.
  • This is a complete toner cartridge supplier + maintenance solution.  You won’t find any cut-rate discount toners here!

Repair Parts and Maintenance Kits

All service repair parts and maintenance kits are also included for free when you use PeakToner.  From rollers and belts, to fans and fusers, all service, repair, and maintenance parts are included at no extra charge.

Replacement Copiers and Copier Upgrades

Sometimes your faithful old copier is just plain worn out.  If you’re using PeakToner, we’ll replace that old worn out copier with a newer copier at no cost. Sometimes you might just need a copier that is a little faster, or has more features.  Same thing here – if you’re using PeakToner, we can upgrade your copier at no cost, too!

  • Great prices on toner.  PeakToner cartridges are the same price as other name brand toner cartridges.
  • Free onsite laser copier repairs.  Free onsite service from the best techs in the Twin Cities (ours).
  • Free service and repair parts.  All parts are included.  Fusers, feed rollers, maintenance kits, and more.
  • Fast onsite repair response time.  Expert repair techs onsite, with parts, to fix your copier.
  • Free loaner copier.  If we can’t fix your copier fast, we’ll give you a free loaner copier to use.
  • Free end-of-life copier replacement.  When your copier is finally too old, we’ll replace it free.

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